Today marks a health milestone for me. On Jan. 5, I was hospitalized to have my gall bladder removed, because It was a problematic organ that earlier sent me to the Queen’s Medical Center for two weeks last August.

So: I’m on the road to recovery, but not without challenges. In August, I left the hospital with a walker, a device that has given me support in walking. Post-surgery after the bladder removal, I still rely on the walker to navigate treks to the doctor, the post office, Longs, and a few nighttime plays.

But I’ve been very fortunate the past few weeks.

I signed up for interim physical therapy to strengthen my legs. Learned some worthy exercises that are doable at home.

I’ve not experienced what my from friends who had their gall bladders removed warned me about: the runs and/or constipation.

I’ve lost weight during hospitalization, to 186 lbs; weighed myself this morning, and I was 179. At my heaviest, I was 225.

My diet was rigid, initially — beef and/or chicken broth with soda crackers for a few days after surgery. I’ve been slowly adjusting and graduating to real food in the past month:

— Breakfast now includes oatmeal, toast, frozen waffles, croissants, naan bread, with margarine, jelly, jams or syrups.

— Lunch includes canned veggie or chicken soups, turkey or tuna sandwiches, and sushi. Occasionally, saimin.

— Dinner includes rice, chazuke, grilled salmon, pasta, salads, corn, beets, udon, and cheated once with tempura.

— Dessert includes Jell-O, pineapple slices, mandarin oranges, and – a recent treat – Haulolo (a combo of haupia with kulolo).

–Snacks include apple sauce (included seasoned versions with other fruit), bananas, apples, oranges, pears, wheat thins.

I still can’t have beef, milk products like ice cream, yogurt, fried foods like fried chicken, processed food like hot dogs and Vienna sausages, fatty food like bacon and Spam. And bakery desserts.

Yes, I miss Zippy’s fried chicken, and apple fritters, and Spam musubi,

Perhaps someday, but not yet. Have an appointment with my primary physician this week, and with my surgeon in two weeks, so I have lots to discuss.

To those who sent wellness thoughts and prayers my way, mahalo plenty.

So the journey continues. Sharing my experience to perhaps help others in the same boat. Recovery is a day-by-day process, so thanks for making my days worth living for.


  1. Hi Wayne, You continue to be in my thoughts and am happy to hear that your recovery is moving along . You look great. Your experience was pretty much like mine done a year ago. Entering new foods is a slow process and I continue to dramatically reduce the amount of meat, cheese and rich foods, especially fried items. Wishing you all the best as your journey continues. Blessings to you and VI (you’re amazing caregiver!). Susan

  2. Mahalo Plenty for your updates…so helpful and filled with positivity! I had my gall bladder removed, too. (The worst part of it….the oogie scar 😜 ). Take care, my friend.

  3. Hi Wayne,

    WOW you sure lost a lot of weight, That’s good. Wish I could lose some of these lbs. I though when they removed your gall bladder that you would be able to eat almost everything. Too bad. Hope you are doing ok with the exercises and using the walker. I use the walker around the apt but when they take me down for doc appt or down to the dining room for dinner they take me in my wheelchair. Never did get back the feeling in my feet. Then this guy who was eating at our table kept coughing and never covering his mouth and he’s in rehab now. Well then i got his cough and doc gave me 2 antibiotics and over the counter cough drops. Am better now.

    Next problems is with the Honolulu Advertiser. Got an email saying that the online subscription is going up to $25 a month so I think I will cancel the newspaper. I get all the news I need from you -ok! so much in the Advertiser is world news. sports, business and dining out that I really don’t need to pay for all that. I can go online and read the local TV channels so I am thinking I will try and call them to cancel the subscription. Everything is going up and up . Then last Thursday my TV broke and I had to order one from Best Buy and it cost $400. Well it came yesterday and they set it up for me but now I can’t use my VCR to watch any of my old tapes and the guy said I would have to buy a convertor. don’t know where I would get that or how much. Then he said my DVD player that was sitting underneath the old TV isn’t working also. AUWE!
    One thing after another. Well the new TV works ok so I am happy for that. Thing is i spent over $100 for a complete set of dvd’s of the Five-O 2nd series so if I want to watch those I will eventually have to buy a new DVD player. I sure missed my TV for almost 5 days and could only watch some shows on you tube.

    Seems like everything is going wrong for me.

    Hope you and Vi have a nice Valentine’s Day and hope you can eat some ono kau kau.

    Aloha Dolores

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