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Of the prevailing TV franchises, which is your favorite?

  • “Law and Order,” the original  and its variants, like “Law and Order, SVU” (with Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson) and “Organized Crime”  (a new spin-off with Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler), and “CriminaI Instinct” in syndication. Also in the mix: “Trial by Jury,” “Los Angeles,” “True Crime.” The original ran 20 seasons ; “SVU” is the all-time champ, with 22 seasons and counting.
  • “NCIS,” the original as well as the spin-offs, “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” and the not-yet-born “NCIS: Hawai‘i”?
  • “Chicago,” and its trio of red hot hits, “Med,” “Fire,” and “P.D.”?

Current new “Law” and “Chicago” series are still in production, on primetime NBC and CBS,  but the reruns are plentiful, over several platforms, on KPXO (ION TV), USA, and other streaming services.

Procedurals, featuring crime investigators and first responders, continue to be  immensely popular and are not likely to disappear anytime soon.

FYI, the “Law & Order” template is not yet over; “Law & Order: Hate Crimes” and “Law & Order: For the Defense” are also brands seeking an audience; the former might emerge on the

But to which brand are you most loyal?


You know you’ve arrived when you make it as a crossword puzzle clue.

Example: Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole’s name landed into a Washington Post crossword puzzle on May 22. Indeed, that was an “aha” moment.

The clue was: “Instruments played by Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole.”

The answer was: UKES.

Simple. Stunning. Spectacular. Singular sensation.

There possibly might have been an alternate clue: Known for uke-strumming, with golden voice singing a famous rainbow song. The answer would be: Kamakawiwo‘ole.

Bruddah Iz

But if that were to be the proper response,  there might not have been enough boxes to fully spell out his surname. And how would the ‘okina fare?

Don Ho

Of all the Hawaiian entertainers who became world famous in the past – and there have been several – the only other celeb who migrated into the world of crosswords was Don Ho,  in a New York Times puzzle. And this achievement eventually became a trivia question on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Bruddah Iz must be grinning and comparing notes with Uncle Don. …

Bruno sells part of catalog

Bruno Mars

A day after becoming the first entertainer to achieve Diamond Certification for five single hits, islander Bruno Mars has sold a share of his music catalogue to Warner Chappel Music, a publishing company, according to Billboard.

Mars, 35, has a stake in 232 songs in his entire catalog, sold a share of his catalogue to WCM. The deal was sealed about six months ago and announced recently, through terms were not disclosed.

“At the heart of his immense talents is his incredible songwriting, which he honed for years before he became a recording superstar,” says Guy Moot, CEO of WCM. “Like only a true great can, he’s mastered and transcended multiple musical genres with extraordinary originality and versatility.” …

And that’s “Show Biz.” …


Just asking…

What memories do you have of the old Honolulu Stadium in Moili‘ili?

Honolulu Stadium, aka Termite Palace

Yep, the place that earned the nickname Termite Palace?

The site of many football games and ILH championships?

Where rivalries were truly intense?

Where Elvis Presley’s first Hawaii concert was staged?

Where the Goodyear tire encircled the clock?

Where the Hawaii Islanders played out many baseball seasons?

Surely, you have many fond recollections … so why not share and, if you have ‘em, post vintage photos?


It started with an email:

“I was surprised you didn’t own WayneHarada.com. I’m also surprised it’s still available! Let me know if you want to pick it up, I can set it up for you, free. It never hurts to have a space you own on the web to post or at least archive your independent writing.

Either way, keep doing what you love, we love you for it!”

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa at Rainbow Falls

The dude asking me about my establishing my own website was Ryan Kawailani Ozawa, a technologist who was the last of three who–over the past decade or so– suggested I should launch my own site. I’ve declined mostly because I was retired as a life-long journalist and turned to Facebook to post reviews, share entertainment and other chatter, and communicate with former friends and new followers as I began enjoying retirement and the uncertainty of unemployment.

When I exited the Honolulu Advertiser in 2008, I was invited to continue to write my “Show Biz” column for nearly a dozen more years. It was an easy commitment at a livable pace —  a column every Sunday – posted from anywhere, home or a trip abroad. Tuesday was the deadline day.

In March 2019, however, the paper terminated the column under crude and deceptive means, abandoning me in what they claimed was part of the pandemic cutbacks of freelancers… which was untrue since freelancers still populate the paper; I was one of only two terminations, but I appreciated the freedom but was not yet convinced my own website was a destination.

Facebook and beyond

Facebook has served me well. I post, followers respond. Many are ex-colleagues and longtime friends; but strangers have become “friends,” all virtual.

Ozawa was genuine in his email, and if WayneHarada.com was up for grabs and he did the snagging, I figured why not?

If he had faith in me, I thought I should reciprocate.

The timing was not ideal, however, since I was recuperating from minor back surgery to address an alternative to pain management for a sustaining lower back issue.

Clearly, I am not a techie, doing things as simply as possible, so I had to go on a fast track of learning.

With Ozawa as a mentor, I made the leap. He set up the initial perimeters and I had to learn the ropes without a manual, so this has been an educational journey, too.

I informed him that  a May 10 launch would be ideal, since I was doing “test” posts, some winding up on Facebook, too, but others confined to wayneharada.com.

The kick-off date became moot, since Ozawa turned on the switch much earlier in May.

As he suggested, the Show Biz column now exclusively runs at my site.

Generous, gentle guru

Ozawa has been a generous and gentle guru, providing kokua and tips on how to manage a site.

In repeated email exchanges, I pose questions, he provides solutions.

I’ve not met him face-to-face for Q&As; he prefers email.

I provided my cell number; he still prefers email. I still don’t have his number, so I email. Constantly. My Qs  might seem dumb to him, but the mentor has been patient and persistent, sharing support with a cool demeanor.

Sample exchange: Since I’ve been cross promoting my site on Facebook, Ozawa provided this advice:

“What you want to be sure to do is, every time you mention WayneHarada.com, is include a full link to the site: https://www.wayneharada.com — with the “https://www.” part — so that people have something to click to go directly to your site.”

Logical, of course, but how would I know that – without the tip he provides. I never quite understood why the https://www precede was vital.

A journalistic background

Yes, I’m flattered that he’s put up with me, and continues to do so, but it feels  somewhat like a phantom relationship. He’s there, but not there, if you get my drift.

And he won’t allow me to reimburse him for paying for the website.

Ozawa also has become a contributor of tidbits  for my column. So his savvy and voluntary “service” has been invaluable. He’s also approached and helped others, to some degree.

Then there was a confession:

“Yes, I have a habit of helping writers I admire start publishing independently online. Not all are as lucky as you to have their website domain name available, which is why I was a little more excited to contact you! I have a journalism degree but never had the guts to work in media, but I give lots of credit to those who do… and given the tumult in the industry, it’s important to me that great storytellers can still have their voices heard.”

So that’s the saga on how a retired journalist was thrust into launching his own website.

Write on!


Feeling good and cheerful today. So thought I’d share a couple of my Wild Cards that reflect the funshine mood.

Enjoy. These are specimens of some of the simple make-your-own cards using

washi tape, stickers and your imagination!