Do girls play jacks anymore?

Do boys shoot marbles in the dirt or play with milk caps?

Jump roping? Hula-hooping? “Hang-man” game, with paper and pencil?

What about hide and seek, for the younger kids?

These outdated games are a thing of the past.

I can understand the end of playing games with milk bottle caps – nowadays called pogs– because passion orange juice were bottled with covers, too. (Ask your granny or grandpa, if you don’t what milk covers are).

 Games evolving from castaways used to be common. Remember making walkie-talkies with two used cans, with a long string attached to each can, so you can converse with each other. Primitive, yes; inventive, double yes.

As a kid, I used to wish for a train set, and received one at Christmastime. It provided hours of joy; you assemble the tracks, place engine and cars on the tracks, and whee! You’re choo-chooing. Howadays, kids not only hope for iPhones or video games, they get ‘em.

What small-kid-type games do you remember?